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8DEV8 Outsource & Outstuff IT Company
Hello 😉 Few words about us, 8DEV8 Inc 👨‍💻 Since 2017 we do offer outsourcing and outstaffing services for our clients.
We develop ReactJS web applications with NodeJS or Firebase backend with TypeScript, these pairs have proven to be scalable and easy to maintain. Also we have ready to use optimised boilerplates so you can focus on your app key features and not technology stack
Maybe you will ask yourself why do we have so simple landing page, thats because we are straight to business and do not spend our time on bla bla bla, cause ⌛ is 💵, and key to everything is a simplicity 🤔. Our location is Kyiv, Ukraine, but we are ready to work with any time zone
In case you need a free consultation on your project or estimates, feel free to contact me. btw my name is Vadym Orlov, I am CEO and a software developer with 10 years of experience
See you soon and have a nice day 😎