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3dSolutions - Virtual Reality
Virtual Scale Model: experience navigation in real time


Conveys information more effectively and captures the viewers attention much longer towards your products. Interaction in a three dimensional environment allows the viewer to virtually 'own' the presented product and be emotionally involved to buy. 3DSolutions guides it’s clientele step by step towards the most (cost) effective application. The following examples give you a quick glance on the world of 3DSolutions.  If you have any innovative idea, you can trust on us to help you make it feasible. 

Virtual safety and emergency training

By using interactive and/or augmented Virtual Reality important insights can be derived and documented on the basis of these simulations. Stimulated by an exponential evolution in (affordable) hard and software solutions this type of technology is now within range for most businesses or institutions who take their responsibilities seriously or who are in constant need of advanced (pre)-monitoring systems.

Touchscreen applications

The success story of digital media continues through the use of touch-screen technology. Touching a screen with the finger is intuitive and easy. To develop the ideal touch application we combine the skills of user experience, interaction, graphics and 3d designers. I-pad’s, touch screen mobile phones, notebook touch pads and tablet pc's have already become a part of our every day life. 

Interactive 3D model (I3D)

The interactive 3D model brings any product to life and allows the viewer to playfully interact with it. This has proven to increase willingness to buy online. At points of sales or exhibitions the interactive 3D model can also bring additional reduction in presentation costs. Go green with the interactive 3D model, for it replaces expensive scale models and has almost no environmental impact when copying.

The Virtual Portfolio

Never was it so easy to present your company’s historical and regional experience. It can easily be duplicated, updated, transferred and stored without additional printing costs. Overall environmentally aware a virtual portfolio reduces energy and waste while increasing overall sustainability. 


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