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Welcome to 3DSolutions

3D has become a new standard component in the today's communication. At 3DSolutions we provide outsourcing solutions to 3D visualization companies:

3D modeling: 

  • Fast and high quality modeling
  • Low poly models for Real Time environments on PC, Mac and Mobile
  • High poly models for render purposes
  • 3D characters for advertising
  • Please review some of our portfolio 

Urban Reality Models

  • Real Time interactive scale models for real estate communication
  • Strategic competitive product  for any architectural visualization agency 
  • Facilitates decision making processes
  • Make any real estate plan alive
  • follow ours developments on our blog

High quality renders & animations; if you wish to have fast service with quality that sets you above the rest of the competition. Here are some of our animated works. 

Other reasons to work with 3DSolutions:

  • Our 3D specialists have over 8 years of modeling experience. 
  • Our team is flexible and can handle big volumes of work in short time frame. 
  • We make a good partner (link to partner presentation) for any growing 3D company that is looking to increase capacity and products without increasing fixed costs for we have been serving 3D companies in Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America over the last 5 years.

3D News from around the world
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Our 3d models
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