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Level One Stories

  • Leaders, Activists Launch Campaigns to End Sexual Violence in South Sudan

  • Will Robots Replace Humans in Food Industry?

  • Germany’s Merkel Calls for Ban on Full-Face Covers

  • Time Magazine Names Donald Trump “Person of the Year”

  • Cameroon Denies Security Forces Abused Protesters

  • New Amazon Store Lets Customers Avoid Long Lines

About Level One

Level One articles are for beginning English learners.

Articles generally have one idea per sentence.

Each article has 500 words or less.

You can find nearly all of the words in the VOA Learning English Word Book.

We explain other words in the Words in This Story section at the bottom of the story.

The Day in Photos

  • December 9, 2016

News Words

  • News Words: Authentic

  • News Words: Avatar

  • News Words: Deliberately

  • News Words: Orphan

  • News Words: Sacred

  • News Words: Construction

Learning English TV

  • Trump Tower: White House North

  • The Making of a Nation: Louisiana Purchase

  • A VOA Learning English Thanksgiving

  • Trump Meets Obama at the White House

  • Hillary Clinton Concession Speech

  • Donald Trump Victory Speech

More Stories

  • Pipeline Protesters Cheer In North Dakota

  • South Korea, Japan Join United Nations in Punishing North Korea

  • Pakistan’s New Army Chief Takes Command

  • New Starbucks CEO to Take Over in 2017

  • Report: Volunteer Who Dressed as Clown for Syrian Kids Killed

  • Lawyers, Teachers in Cameroon Strike for More English

  • Obamas Prepare for Their Final White House Christmas

  • Plane Carrying Football Team from Brazil Crashes in Colombia

  • Trump Calls Millions of Votes 'Illegal'

  • Castro's Death, Trump Presidency Raise Questions About US-Cuba Ties

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