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  • Islamic State Calls Ohio Attack Suspect 'Soldier of Caliphate'

  • What Is a Charter School?

  • ‘President Trump’ Worries Some International Students

  • Girls on Wheels: Bicycle Programs in India and Kenya

  • More College Students at Risk for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • How Well is English Spoken Worldwide?

About Level Three

Level Three articles are aimed at non-native English speakers who have studied American English and wish to improve their reading and listening skills.

Articles are usually more than 500 words in length and may include audio from newsmakers.

Some may use more complex sentences or language.

New words and idioms are explained in the Words in This Story area at the bottom of the article.

People in America

  • Evan Lutz: Giving Unused Produce A Purpose with Hungry Harvest

Everyday Grammar TV

  • Everyday Grammar: Reported Speech

  • Everyday Grammar: Frequency Adverbs

  • Everyday Grammar: Provide For/With/To

  • Everyday Grammar: Demonstratives

  • Everyday Grammar: Commonly Confused Words, Part Three

  • Everyday Grammar: Have, Has, and Had

American Stories

  • "Feathertop," by Nathaniel Hawthorne 

Everyday Grammar

  • Getting to Know the Verb 'Get'

Route 66

  • Route 66: 'The Highway That's The Best'

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