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1. Registration: fill in the registration form. The system will automatically send You Your login and password to access our website at Make sure You fill in Your zip code, the first, last name and contact details correctly, as this is crucial for further communication. The registration form is in English by default, You can change the language on top right of the page (new languages are currently being added).

2. After You have received Your login and password, go to and start by studying our seven-page long “Mystery Shopper’s ABC” course. The course sets forth basic rules for mystery shoppers in our company as well as provides You with advice on how to be a good mystery shopper. For example we suggest a checklist to help You preserve anonymity while doing the evaluation, give You tips on how to remember facts of the service You receive etc. 

3. Having read through the “ABC” next You have to pass our mandatory “general mystery shopper certification”. You’ll need to score at least 90% to get further and see what service evaluation jobs You can apply for.

4. To apply for a project, go to “Open Opportunities” section to see the available projects in Your area. At this stage you will see the industry (bank or restaurant, for example), addresses of locations to be shopped, timeframe, scenario specifics and the shopper pay we offer for this particular assignment.

5.  Choose the project You like, then go to “Certifications” section. You can only get an assignment after You successfully pass the certification for that project. Each project has its own certification, due to differences between projects. After You pass the certification You can apply for service evaluation jobs.

6. During the next 12-14 hours Your application will be reviewed by 4Service team and either approved or declined.

In case it is approved, You’ll receive an email notification stating that You are given the assignment and 4Service is expecting You to complete it until a certain deadline (stated in the message) and enter it into our system within 12 hours after the visit. Check Your mail and even the spam-box from time to time as the notification might end up there. You might also receive a call from 4Service team prior to Your visit.

If Your application is declined, You’ll receive an email message stating the evaluation has been assigned to another shopper. In most cases, there are more than one mystery shopper applying for every service evaluation job (so we can choose shoppers that showed the best fieldwork quality in the past). Don’t get upset – there surely will be many more chances to mystery shop with us!  


Company news
The Smiling Report 2012 show low service scores

Mystery Shopping Providers in Asia, Europe, North- and South America have participated in the Smiling Report 2012

4Service provides competitive benchmarking to its clients – for free

 Would You like to know how You measure up with Your competition? Average service quality indexes for a number of industries AND on a number of criteria are now available to 4Service clients - in a detailed manner, on a regular basis and free of charge

Kazakhstan joins European Mystery Shopping Providers Association!

4Service Kazakhstan is the first company based in Republic of Kazakhstan to join MSPA Europe

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