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Biceps in English | Бицепс

Biceps in English

On our site we are happy to provide you with two types of on-line support:

    • Brief short consultations from Yurij Spasokukotskij on the forum. Training programs and diets will be not elaborated and posted on the forum as they are rather individual and not for public view. On the forum you can ask the trainer only one personal question a day since over 1000 people visit our site every day.
    • Ask a free question
    • Paid on-line training.

Training is performed via Skype. You can easily find me on sila33333

On-line training is made as follows: you send me your pictures (full size, side, front, back), your characteristics (anthropometric figures, weight, age), describe me your diet and habits in honest details, etc. I will need to know everything: if you are allergic, have had any breaks and injuries, how many hours you sleep – everything that makes a clear image of your lifestyle.

Learn how to make the right photos. Click the link.

Then take your anthropometric measurements and define your bodyfat percentage.

After all I make a diet personally for you and work out a complex of exercises. I send you pictures, videos and directions of how to do this or that exercise. Regularly we get in touch via Scype or other on-line means to discuss the progress and I give you all my attention in any hot issue. Training on-line is the best way to keep yourself fit and healthy when you don’t have a chance to work on your body in a gym or want to save your time.
First period of on-line training lasts for two months and costs 200wmz ($200USD). It includes:

    • One-hour on-line trainings with Yurij Spasokukotskij four times a month.
    • Any topical information you are interested in. Qualified answers on any questions you may have.
    • A unique workout program and personal diet with all necessary instructions depending on the goals for a certain month. Every month the program will be updated according to the results of training.

I can promise you that in two months of regular trainings your workout indexes and body characteristics will significantly rise to the best heights. You will find a great pleasure in measuring your bodyfat percentage as it melts away like snow in spring. It will take another couple of months and you will not recognize yourself on the photo ‘before’ because you get used to the photos ‘after’. That’s why really think if you can get such stunning results in a next-door gym.

At the moment we have a very juicy offer:
Get your on-line training subscription year only for 50$ a moths.

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