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Sudak, the Crimea, Ukraine, hotel
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The Crimean peninsula is a land of contrasts. In the south and southeast there are curving chains of mountains, the highest being Roman-Kosh — 1,545m above sea level. Nature has been generous with the Crimea.The Crimea land has preserved an array of superb historic and cultural monuments. From time immemorial, there lived many tribes and nations here, emerged and disappeared states. During many centuries, interlacing influences of the antique, Moslem, Judaic, Old-Slavonic, Armenian and other cultures and traditions of inhabitants of this wonderful region has turned the Crimea into a unique historic and cultures reserve. Only historic, archeological and cultural monuments existing here number over 4,000, many of them being of a worldwide importance.

In the Crimea you will find everything from ancient Scythian burial mounds among fields of golden corn, telescope at the Astrophysical Observatory, from weirdly shaped stalactites in fascinating caves to the unique underground viaduct built inside a mountain range by underground railway engineers from Moscow to supply Yalta with water. The visitor will find much to interest him in the many museums and art galleries. Then there is the Nikitsky Botanical Garden with its priceless collection.

Sudak — a popular resort in the Crimea, undoubtedly, is a historic city. It is in Sudak is a famous Genoese fortress. Sugdeya, Soldaiya, Surozh, Sidagios, Soltak, Sholtatiya, Sudak — the names of different city-fortress in the Crimea.There is the Genoese Fortress here.
Italians built it in the XIV-th century. Now it is a museum. The ancient and once-famous Sudak — promised land for tourists. In Sudak beneficial climate and beaches — the best on the coast. At the peak swimming season, guest houses, hotels overcrowded.

In Sudak are numerous fees, tournaments and conferences, the largest of which — The Great Silk Road.

Our hotel is located in Sudak, a quiet, environmentally friendly area, including boarding houses and hotels, and proximity to the sea attracts our guests. Design solutions to furnish the hotel, modern equipment, individual climate — control create conditions for a pleasant stay. The building got a modern hotel, beautiful color, with loggias, more like a cozy cottage. Not surprisingly, that was built in 2008, hotel Navigator has won popularity among tourists.

Today, our hotel in Sudak is willing to offer you a beautifully furnished rooms, ideal conditions for recreation and the quality and height level of service. Moderate price hotel make your stay enjoyable.

You are welcome!


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