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23 May
, 2010,00:26

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In your opinion, shall the President dismiss the parliament?

Yes, it is the only way to establish "orange principles" in Ukraine - 55.45%
No, his rating is falling down and his party may not gain necessary votes - 10.90%
No, people have already expressed their will and deputies have to agree between each other - 33.63%
Voted: 110

  • Do you think Ukraine should keep Russian naval base?
  • In your opinion, the Cabinet consists of...?
  • You think the first round of the presidential election was...
  • Will the Ukrainian-Russian relations get better after the election?
  • Who has to be blamed for hryvnia collapse?
  • What is the most important achievement for Ukraine’s Independence?
  • How do you estimate recent statement of Medvedev about Ukraine?
  • The case on Gongadze murder will be finally settled
  • After Presidential election Ukraine’s political situation…
  • Presidential election should take place
  • Should Yuriy Lutsenko resign?
  • Is it necessary to take finger prints of Europeans who come to Ukraine?
  • Who will be the next President of Ukraine?
  • Do you think President Yushchenko should be impeached?
  • What side to be blamed for the gas war?
  • Will Rada dismiss the government after vacations?
  • Tymoshenko’s government will be:
  • Will Yulia Tymoshenko become a PM?
  • Will parliamentary coalition be formed?
  • There will be falsifications during parliamentary elections on Sep. 30
  • Who will get more votes during early parliamentary elections on September 30?
  • Who has won the leaders agreement concerning early elections in September?
  • Do you think the President's decree on VRU dissolution is legal?
  • Does Ukraine need early parliamentary elections?
  • In your opinion, what is the main political event of the year 2006 in Ukraine?
  • Do you consider it necessary to recognize Holodomor as genocide against the Ukrainian nation?
  • Will the Our Ukraine bloc unite with BYuT?
  • Will the Our Ukraine bloc finally risk to join the parliamentary coalition?
  • Will President Yushchenko work well together with Premier Yanukovich?
  • In your opinion, how long will the orange coalition exist?
  • In your opinion, shall the President dismiss the parliament?
  • May Our Ukraine bloc refuse the coalition with BYuT?
  • BYuT, OU, SPU - will they manage to form a coallition?
  • Do you consider it necessary to conduct recounting of ballots?
  • Do you support introduction of new customs regulations on Ukrainian-Moldovan border?
  • When will Ukraine probably join the EU?
  • In your opinion, who may become a Prime Minister of Ukraine?
  • To your opinion, who has won in "gas war"?
  • As a number of nick's fakes increases, we intend to introduce registration for "comments" section. The procedure is simple. Do you consider it necessary?
  • How do you estimate the Verkhovna Rada resolution to dismiss Yekhanurov's government?
  • Present Ukrainian-Russian gas relations are:
  • Major Melnichenko has finally arrived in Ukraine personally and allegedly brought his scandal records (though no records were delivered to law enforcement bodies). Who controls his actions?
  • Would you back the integration of NSNU (Yushchenko's party) and Bloc of Yulia Timoshenko?
  • What occupation will choose Vitaly Klichko after leaving big-time sports?
  • Yushchenko's poisoning case has not been detected and brought to court till now, despite President's promises to name the poisoner. What will it result in?
  • How will Ukrainian government spend money earned by Kryvorizhstal’s auction?
  • Do you assume an idea that Berzovsky's money was transfered for financing Yushchenko's election campaign?
  • During the revolution V.Yushchenko declared course to West and called not to serve Russia - now he tries to reconcile with it; Yushchenko named Yanukovich enemy of the country - then he made him a partner; Yushchenko signed the Act on immunity of a deputy - now he tries to appeal his own decision. Do you see any logic in President's actions?
  • Victor Yushchenko’s agreement with his rival Victor Yanukovich is
  • It is planned to introduce section "Forum" into the site. Please vote whether it is needed or not.
  • Yulia Timoshenko’s dismissal is
  • Your attitude towards political repressions in Ukraine
  • Your attitude towards Ukriane's attempt to join the European Union
  • Your opinion about results of "orange revolution" and about the new power
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