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1. Export in RSS format
RSS is a special format on the basis of XML technology, assigned for content exchange between sites.
Using the export files below, You can place ForUm's news headings and announcement on your site.
  • All (
  • News(
  • Analytics (

2. JavaScript-export
To export (our news on your site) is enough to insert a small HTML code into any page of your site, in any suitable place. Export design easily slave to your site.
The script, which forms news list, is represented below. You need to copy a code fragment from the window below and insert it into your HTML code, NOT breaking it off with line folding.
block width:  (%)
border width: (px)
background colour:  
border color:  
heading colour:  
To represent the date:
Style for the date:
To represent announcement:
Style for announcement:
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