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Business Program of 4TERMINALS Exhibition Forum


The development of transport infrastructure is a vital strategic objective for any country. For Ukraine, the development of transport networks, the successful operation of passenger and cargotransport terminals is a prerequisite for the successful European integration.

To bring along the integration of the Ukrainian economy into the global one via international transport corridors (ITC), to ensure the effective promotion of Ukrainian export products in the world markets, to make Ukraine an attractive tourist destination, to successfully hold Euro 2012 in order to carry out these and many other tasks the essential condition is the existence of a developed transport infrastructure and professionals trained according to the international norms and standards who can successfully work in the current context.           

The issues to be addressed by the transport industry of Ukraine, as well as how to ensure as soon as possible the required level of safety, comfort and smooth operation of the transport system will be discussed within the framework of 4TERMINALS exhibition forum.


The organizers and partners of the forum business program events


The Institute of the International Civil Aviation Organization (the ICAO):

Galina Suslova, Deputy Director of the ICAO Institute, the National Coordinator for the introduction of the ICAO standards:


During 4TERMINALS forum we are going to hold a conference on aviation safety.
It will deal with the issues of safety of passenger and cargo terminals, the aviation safety management system and the international regulatory system, training and retraining of the aviation personnel.
The participants of the conference will be the representatives of airports, airlines, aviation training establishments.
These issues are important not only for Ukraine but for the entire international aviation; they have been, and still are important.

About the organization:

The ICAO the International Civil Aviation Organization is an intergovernmental specialized agency of the United NationsOrganization, established to ensure the effective development of the global air transport system, as well as to develop the regulatory system for aviation safety. The current members of the ICAO are 190 countries of the world. Ukraine, as an independent state, entered the organization in 1992. The Institute of ICAO is engaged in training and retraining of aviation professionals according to the international standards.


The Association Wireless Ukraine

Oleg Sobolev, Executive Director of the Association Wireless Ukraine:

During 4TERMINALS exhibition forum we are going to hold a Conference "Advanced IT-solutions for transport companies: High cost or substantial savings".
The issues of improving the efficiency of transport companies in terms of economic instability due to the use of high technology will also be considered.

About the organization:

The Association of the market of wireless data transmission networks (Wireless Ukraine) is the largest Ukrainian public organization of the industry working in the field of wireless technologies. It comprises over 90 organizations from Ukraine and other countries.



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