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June 17, 2008

14.00  16.00


The Specifics of introducing IT, telecom and radio technologies for cargo and passenger terminal complexes

Wireless Ukraine Association, Association of IT Enterprises of Ukraine (APITU), TECHEXPO Company

Informational partners:
Wireless Ukraine Observer, Internet portal

Goals and tasks of the event

  1. The implementation of new information-telecommunication technologies into the systems of transport terminal complexes (air, sea, railway and motor transport terminals) has its specific character. In the context of Ukraines preparation for EURO-2012 Football Championship this issue has recently become one of the most urgent ones. 

  2. The round table is going to help find solutions to typical problems What and how to implement (normative regulation basis, technical specifications, capabilities of new technologies, principles of introducing new equipment, examples of realization in other countries, etc.)



Officials of IT-departments of State institutions, responsible for developing legislation and technical specifications for terminals equipment functioning;
Providers of ICT-equipment and technologies;
Officials of IT-subdivisions (departments) of the transport terminals.


Participants registration (with obligatory confirmation):      (Oleg Sobolev)   Tel.: +38 067 506 22 27 (Yurij Peroganich ) Tel: + 38 044 230 4835   (Olga Averina)   Tel.: +38 066 216 90 43

For more information please contact: +38 044 501 02 09


June 18, 2008

11.00 -  13.30


Creating an optimal fire-prevention system of passenger terminal: to equip or to insure?

Ukrainian Union of  Producers of Fire-prevention Production and Services, Budivnytstvo ta bezpeka( Construction and Security Magazine)

Topics for discussion:

Distinctive features of selecting systems of active and passive fire prevention in modern passenger terminals. 

Estimation of fire risks by insurance companies: methodology and practical work.

World experience in assuring fire prevention of passenger and cargo terminals.


Representatives of State Fire Prevention Department;

Companies that offer design, set-up, installation of fire-preventing equipment systems;

Representatives of Ukrainian Research Fire-Prevention Institute;

Officials of administrative-economic subdivisions of terminals, responsible for fire prevention;

Officials of insurance companies.

Participants registration (with obligatory confirmation):         (Alexander Benedeshchuk) Tel.: +38-044 331 05 11  (Olga Averina)                  Tel.: +38 066 216 90 43

For more information please contact: +38 044 501 02 09



15.00 16.30

Modern technologies to assure safety of cargo and passenger terminals

Organizers:The Ukrainian Security Industry Federation Construction and Security Magazine

 Topics of reports and presentations:

  • Systems of access control and management;
  • Video supervision and identification systems;
  • Inspection equipment;
  • Intrusion protection;
  • Perimeter-guarding system;
  • Systems of object condition monitoring.


19 June

11.00 14.00


Professional training and retraining of personnel in connection with the modernization of the technical base of passenger and cargo transport terminals.

Organizer: National Aviation University

 Questions for discussion

1.     Activity of industry Institutes of Higher Education in the process of training qualified personnel for the work in the structures of the passenger and cargo transport terminals.

2.     Scientific research activity of national Scientific Research Institutes and Institutes of Higher Education in the sphere of the development of the transport infrastructure of  Ukraine.

3.     Role of Scientific Research Institutes and Institutes of Higher Education in the process of the integration of  Ukraine into the Pan-European transport system



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