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On June 17-19, 2008 the first exhibition forum 4 TERMINALS was held in Kyiv - the forum for equipment producers and suppliers, developers of technologies used to create and modernize passenger and cargo terminals of land, air and water transport.

The subjects of the exhibitions  

  • Design and architecture
  • Buildingandrepair. Materials, technologies, equipment and components  for building and operation of terminals
  • Equipment, technologies and operation support systems in terminal complexes
  • Complex security systems of passenger and cargo transport terminals
  • Monitoring and control systems of the terminal complex infrastructure contemporary equipment and technologies for transport terminal service 
  • Contemporary equipment and technologies for transport terminal service 
  • Services in transport terminal service 

The exhibition exposition of 4TERMINALS forum occupied 1143 sq m. and represented 40 stands of companies representing 4 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and the Netherlands.

The international forum attracted the total of 63 participants from 10 countries.

The exhibition forum involved Ukrainian and foreign companies working in the sphere of construction and design of passenger and cargo transport terminals, special materials and special equipment, integrated systems of security, systems of video surveillance, notification, fire-preventing and security alarm, creation and servicing of systems of emergency and independent energy supply, high-tech platforms for maintenanceof transport terminals and services.

Events, facts and comments on the work of forum were covered by 23 journalists from 20 Mass Media accredited in the press-room.


The organizers of the exhibition forum:

TECHEXPO company

The partners of the exhibition forum:

  • The Ukrainian Security Industry Federation (UFIB)
  • The Association of Market Members of Data Transmission Wireless Networks Wireless Ukraine,
  • The Association of Ports of Ukraine (Ukrport)
  • The Association of International Forwarders of Ukraine (AMEU)
  • The Association of Transport Forwarding Organizationsof Ukraine(UKRZOVNISHTRANS)
  • The Ukrainian Union of Producers of Fire-Preventing Production and Services (USVPP)
  • The Association of Information Technologies Enterprises of Ukraine (APITU)
  • The International Motor Transporters Association (AsMAP)
  • The Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen(USPP).

Conference Program

For the three days of the forum program the market participants communicated interactively, searched for solutions of questions topical for the branch and defined ways of handling the existing problems.

Information partners:

Budivnytstvo ta Bezpeka (Building and Safety) Magazine, Wireless Ukraine observer Magazine, Internet portal

The organizations that visited the exhibition forum

The representatives of all key segments of transportation infrastructure participated in the work of the exhibition forum.

Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and solutions for terminal complexes became the most active (29 % out of total number of forum participants).

Among the representatives of major terminal complexes that participated in the forum were Boryspil International Airport, Mykolaivcommercial seaport, Kharkov Airport, Berdyansk commercial seaport, the representatives of the UkrainianRailroad (Ukrzaliznytsya), Kyiv Underground Railroad (making 16 %).

State and regulatory bodies were presented with the following structures: the Ministry of Transport and communications of Ukraine, KyivState municipal administration, the Administration of communications, telecommunications and information, the State road transport research institute, State Transport inspection, the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, representatives of regional administrations.



Linnik Sergey, the Head of port security department of the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Ukraine: We  have particular specialization to ensure safety of passengers, cargo and crew peopleduring international trips. At this forum I am interested in mobile communication systems to work without fail   in our weather conditions, as well as in the extreme ones. We would like to see technological novelties in supervision systems, intrusion detection and non-contact admission systems in order to know which of them can be recommended for implementation in the Ukrainian ports. Besidesthis, we are interested in all innovative technology used on the world transport market.

Gurskaya Svetlana, the Head of IT central administrative department of Ukrzaliznytsya: At such forums we would like to discuss the issues of interaction of systems for different modes of transport between countries, the issues of integration, Internet-technology development etc. At the moment each subindustry is working locally, we are only united by intermediate partiesin the person of travel agencies organizing ticket sale for different modes of transport.

Alexandr Bolotin, Deputy Director of service of postal-cargo service department Boryspil International airport public enterprise: "In my opinion, the most crucial issue to be tackled at such forums is governmental regulation of the branch, the issues of customs clearing, ecology, the work of sanitary and epidemiological service. With air transport these are felt particularly sharply because the time of cargo delivery is minimum. These questions being unsettled, the process of cargo delivery from sender to addressee is longer. That is why the unification of rules and minimization of paper mediums would accelerate the process of cargo customs clearing. This will become a basis for the increase in the amounts of transportation and for the quality of the provided services. I think such forums should involve not only sellers and buyers of equipment and technological solutions, but also the representatives of state power regulating these processes.

Oleg Platonov, President of Plaske JSC, Deputy Chairman of the Customs Service of Ukraine: "This exhibition and conference is relevant because it is high time to join all types of transport and give them perspective of the latest technologies not only in terms of cargo, but also passenger transport. In my opinion, in the future more public services should be involved into this forum especially the customs, which regulates the market and its servicing processes.

Yuri Filippov, Chief engineer of Ukraeroproekt Civil Aviation Research Institute of Ukraine:

In the context of the round-table discussion - to equip or to insure the terminals I can express my opinion: both to equip and to insure. As far as I know, in the West insurers define the terms to customers and designers, but there is a certain civilized market. Modern terminal buildings are constructed on the principle of increasing the "processor" the central building or the server, and the passenger gallery. The central building can be as high as 20‑30 meters what protection is possible there? Thus, as a designer I should resist the dictation of state regulations because they are common, as well as the dictation of insurance companies, because I know: I need to insure the facility. All is built on this fine line. All of us would like to have clear game rules not to run, to puzzle looking for ways, because I am an engineer and should be clearly regulated. Science and regulatory base should work here, and the engineer should not fantasize on these issues.

KulishenkoInnaAntonovna, Headoffire-safetydepartmentoftheKyivTelecomElectroProektKyivproektInstitute: "Insurance of objects is the protection of the customers interests. Foreign experience proves that, and the participants of the Round table are familiar with it. The customer should understand the necessity to rely not on cheap protection facility, but to follow the logic that they will result in malfunctioning in both fire and security safety.

BorisPlatkevich, thePresidentofthe Ukrainian Union of Producers of Fire-Preventing Production and Services (USVPP): The intensive program of these events is promoting fruitful communication between scientists, experts and producers. Everybody realizes the mainobjectiveofbuildingandinsuringterminalcomplexes toeliminateabsolutelyallriskswe can imagine, conceivable or inconceivable. To provide proper firerisk insurance, insurance companies need highly qualified professionals. The professionals working for Western insurance companies are at times more competent than those working for fire prevention services of the insured enterprises. There are national construction regulations in Western countries, but insurance companies usually suggest and develop their own requirements for instance, a German insurance company of the international level develops its own regulations, which are higher than the federal ones in Germany or Austria. Specialistsshouldbetrained for more than a year, so now they cannot yet be found in Ukraine.

The full version of the analytical report on 4 TERMINALS 2008 exhibition forum is available in two formats:

download the analytical report on 4 TERMINALS 2008 exhibition forum in .doc format

download the analytical report on 4 TERMINALS 2008 exhibition forum in .pdf format

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