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Building and architecture

  • Design and building
  • Interiors, Office accommodations, Furniture
  • Access roads
  • Roadway covering
  • Parking, walling  
  • Adjacent sites
  • Ecosystems of transport terminals


  • Cargo, passenger and luggage handling
  • Cargo-passenger transport service in the terminals
  • Technology and equipment for maintenance, repair and service support of terminals, access roads and adjacent sites
  • Technology and equipment of fuel complex
  • Municipal and maintenance systems
  • Power supply and lighting devices
  • Equipment and technology for catering services
  • Equipment and technology for cleaning of premises and sites
  • Medical service: systems and  equipment for emergency medicine


  • Luggage handling
  • Search and inspection equipment
  • Fire protection  technology and equipment
  • Search-and-rescue systems and equipment
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Broadcasting and notification systems
  • Signaling equipment
  • Emergency and backup systems of terminal complexes maintenance

Telecommunication and information technologies

  • Information-computing systems
  • Telecommunications in the systems of cargo transfer control  
  • The systems of technological cycle automation of transport terminals
  • Electronic systems of cargo-passenger flow control
  • Electronic systems of order monitoring (electronic commerce)
  • The systems of storage enterprises and logistic centres automation
  • The systems of wireless access devices control in terminal service systems
  • Infrastructure control and monitoring systems
  • Navigation systems and communication equipment
  • Terrestrial and satellite communications




  • Insurance  
  • Freight and forwarding services
  • Storage services  
  • Transport operators and systems (combined, multi-modal and inter-modal shipping)
  • Customs services and cargo clearance
  • Architectural and designer services
  • Container services
  • Courier services
  • Towing and rescuing service
  • Crewing and recruitment agencies
  • Staff training services
  • Security agencies

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