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FAQ 2008
1. The administrators at the Organizing Committee of the exhibition will answer all your questions, help you contact any service of the Organizing Committee, leave the request for additional services. Business trips are registered at the Organizing Committee.

2. You can get to the exhibition centre from any part of the city:

By car:

  • 15 minutes from the city centre
  • 30 minutes from Zhulyany Airport
  • 60 minutes from Boryspil Airport

By public transport:

  • 20 minutes by subway from the Central Railway Station
  • 4 minutes by a special express-bus from Nyvky subway station
  • 15 minutes on foot from Nyvky subway station

Attention! The exhibition participants using their own transport are recommended to drive into the exhibition centre from Tupoleva Street, and to leave the centre from Shcherbakova Street.


3. Official events.

The ceremony of the Grand Opening of the 4 TERMINALS exhibition will be held on June 17, 11:30 at the exhibition pavilion, on a specially constructed site.

The exhibition is open for visitors from 10:00 to 18:00 June 17-19. The entrance is closed 30 minutes before the exhibition closing.

The exhibition visitors are registered at the registration desks at the entrance.

The visitors are welcome to enter through Terminal H.

The program of scientific-practical events:

June 17 - The Specifics of introducing IT, telecom and radio technologies for cargo and passenger terminal complexes.

Organizers: Wireless Ukraine Association, the Association of Information Technology Enterprises of Ukraine.

June 18 - Creating an optimal fire-prevention system of passenger terminal: to equip or to insure?

Organizers: the Ukrainian Union of Producers of Fire-prevention Production and Services, the Ukrainian Security Industry Federation.

June 19 - Professional training and retraining of personnel in connection with the modernization of the technical base of passenger and cargo transport terminals.

4. The Gala Night will be held on June 17 at 18:00 at the Plaza Restaurant  inpavilion 1 of the KyivExpoPlaza exhibition centre. You can get invitation tickets for the Gala Night at the Organizing Committee on June 16-17. Companies are given two invitation tickets for the Gala Night. You can get more invitation tickets for the Gala Night at the Organizing Committee. One invitation ticket costs 40.

5. There is the Press-Centre at the exhibition. You can submit there the infromation about novelties planned to be shown at the stand, about the expected foreign guests, about the promotions organized by your company at the exhibition. All the information submitted to the  journalists will be placed at the exhibition website.

Attention! The Organizing Committee recommends to work only with journalists accredited by the Press-Centre. Accredited journalists have press badges and are allowed to work at the exhibition. Filming and photography at the exhibition are only allowed to the accredited journalists.

6. The official exhibition catalogue:

  • The participants can get the catalogue on the opening day. The Organizing Committee officials provide a catalogue for the stand of each participant;
  • Registered visitors can get the catalogue at Entrance H while registering.

7. The participants can get the accreditation cards (badges) on June 16 at the Organizing Committeeor from 9 :00 on June 17 at the registration deskVIP/SPEAKERS (Entrance H).

8. Forquestions concerning mounting and operating the exhibition stands please address the technical service of the Organizing Committee contacting the administrators.

9. Workinghours June 15 - 16 (exposition mounting):

Stand mounting starts on June 15 at 12:00. The participants that have paid for the unequipped area are allowed to enter on June 15 from 12 :00. The participants that have paid for the equipped area are allowed to enter on June 16 after 19 :00.

Receiving stands from the Organizing Committee, delivering and mounting the exhibits are carried out:
June 16 from 09:00 to 22:00

Handing in the stands by the responsible people to the guard:
June 16 from 22:00 to 22:45
June 17-18 from 18:00 to 18:45

Receiving the stands by the responsible people from the guard:
June 17-19 at 9:00

Taking away theexhibits and dismantling the stands:
June 19 from 18:00 to 22:00

Dismantling the stands and taking away the exhibits start onlyafter the exhibition finish from 18:00 June 19. Taking the equipment out of the pavilion is only allowed with the Green card. The Greencard is given by the technical service after receiving the stand from the participant if other services of the Organizing Committee have no questions.

Attention! The Organizing Committee would like you to note that children and teenagers are not allowed to the exhibition pavilion while the exposition is being mounted and dismantled. Smoking in the pavilions is not allowed.

10.  Stand cleaning is done if ordered in advance at the Organizing Committee before 16:00. Stand cleaning services must be paid. Cleaning the area of 1 m2 a day costs 1,70. Stand cleaning services can be ordered at the Organizing Committee desk from June 15. Garbage bins should be put in the aisles before stands at the end of the day.

11.  Additional services costing less than 100 UAH (including stand cleaning), ordered at the exhibition are paid at the accounts department of the Organizing Committee on the spot. Receipts are issued.                                         

13. Foraccount documentation (tax invoices, work completion certificates, original invoices etc.) please address the Organizing Committee representative Basala Tamara Alexandrovna.

For tax documents, the companies that participate in the exhibition for the first time, need to present a VAT-payer certificate.

14. Additional services at the exhibition centre hall:
A café. 

15. For the participants cars there is a free entrance and a free parking on the territory of the exhibition centre during the exhibition working hours, including mounting and dismantling of the exposition. Please park your cars in a way not to obstruct the entrance to other cars and visitors.

Attention! The exhibition participants using their own transport are recommended to drive into the exhibition centre from Tupoleva Street, and to leave the centre from Shcherbakova Street.

We wish you successful work and useful business contacts!

The Organizing Committee
of the exhibition 4 TERMINALS

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