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The exposition part and Business program topics of 4 TERMINALS forum will be expanded keeping the cluster approach to the content and format of the event for transport sector.

The main topics of the exposition will be:

  • Planning, architecture and design of terminal complexes for different mode of transport
  • Building and renewal. Materials, engineering, equipment and components for building and functioning of the terminals
  • Equipment, technology and systems of maintaining terminal complexes functioning
  • Complex safety systems for passenger and cargo  transport terminals
  • Systems of monitoring and integrated management of the terminal complex infrastructure
  • Modern engineering and technology for terminals servicing and maintenance departments at terminal complexes

Let us remember that the first International forum 4 TERMINALS was held June 17-19, 2008 in Kyiv  and attracted 63 participating companies from 10 countries of the world.

The partners of the exhibition forum in 2008 were:  

the Ukrainian Security Industry Federation (),
the Association of Market Members of Data Transmission Wireless Networks Wireless Ukraine,
the Association of Ports of Ukraine (Ukrport),
the Association of International Forwarders of Ukraine (
Association of Transport Forwarding Organizations of Ukraine ("UKRZOVNISHTRANS"),
the Ukrainian Union of Producers of Fire-Preventing Production and Services
he Association of Information Technology Enterprises of Ukraine (),
International Motor Transporters Association (),
the Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen ().

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